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Circumcision of Baby Boys: What Parents Must Know

For parents who are thinking about circumcision for their baby boy, a urologist in Brampton can answer any questions and address any concerns you might have.

A circumcision procedure involves the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis. The foreskin is the covering of skin found on the head of the penis. A boy is born with the foreskin attached which will eventually separate, allowing for retraction from the tip of the penis.

Circumcisions are done for religious, cultural, and medical reasons. While the decision to have a circumcision is usually done by the parents at birth, young children and adults may require the procedure.

The Circumcision Procedure

Whether the procedure is performed in a hospital or a circumcision clinic, the method takes approximately 20 minutes. A pediatrician, obstetrician, or urologist can perform the surgery as can a mohel for a traditional religious ceremony.

Before the circumcision begins, the baby may be given pain reliever or a mild anesthetic before being placed on his back. The child’s arms and legs are restrained, and then penis is properly cleaned.

During the circumcision surgery for the baby boy, the foreskin is gently pulled back from the penis and removed with use of a scalpel. The surgeon will then apply specialized ointment before wrapping the penis in gauze. The baby is then placed in a recovery room for observation before being released into the parents’ care a couple of hours later.

How Do You Prepare Your Baby for Circumcision?

With preparation for a child’s circumcision, there are a few things parents can do.

Before Arriving at the Clinic

It is recommended to feed the baby before leaving home for the appointment. It is important to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the procedure. Pack a bag with pain-reliever, a receiving blanket, and a soother if needed.

At the Clinic

Upon arrival, the baby will be given an appropriate dose of the pain-reliever. The doctor will meet with the parents for any additional questions or concerns and discuss post-op care.

At-Home Care After the Procedure

Once at-home, care instructions include using Vaseline on the affected area with every diaper change and gently washing the area during the healing period. Pain reliever can be used as directed by the doctor.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Circumcision

A circumcision is recommended for the advantages of reducing the risk of frequent urinary tract infections, HIV and HPV infections, and cancer of the penis. There are risks with a circumcision such as extreme pain, infection, bleeding, and side effects from medication used for the procedure.

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