Essential Health Checkups and Screenings for Every Age Group

Health Checkups and Screenings

Did you know that regular health checkups and screenings can save your life? Visiting a family doctor for routine physical exams, immunizations, and personalized treatment plans throughout your lifetime can be considered the best preventive medicine. Heart Lake Health Centre is a walk-in clinic in Brampton that offers family health checkups, screenings, and access to … Read more

Don’t Let Lyme Disease Bite You: Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of a Tick Bite

treatment of Lyme Disease

Spring and summer in Ontario offer perfect opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners to enjoy nature. However, these seasons also bring an increased risk of tick bites, particularly from blacklegged ticks that can transmit Lyme disease. And if left untreated, this progressive disease can negatively affect your health for years to come. Understanding how … Read more

Your Health, Our Priority: A Complete Guide to Walk-In Clinic Services in Brampton

physician at walk-in clinic

Walk-in clinics provide medical care and treatment beyond the regular cold and flu symptoms. These healthcare clinics are fully staffed by a variety of medical professionals who specialize in different health fields. Understanding the medical services provided by a walk-in clinic can help people get the care they need without overloading the emergency room with … Read more

Welcoming Dr. Sara Hafeez: A New Female Physician in Brampton and Caledon

Heart Lake walk in clinic Brampton

Heart Lake Health Centre is pleased to introduce Dr. Sara Hafeez to our team, an exceptional female physician who is now accepting new patients in both Brampton and Caledon. As our team grows, it enables us to continue to provide incomparable family medicine services to our patients. Heart Lake Health Centre provides comprehensive physical exams, … Read more

Heart Lake Health Center

For the past 25 years, Heart Lake Health Centre has been providing trusted medical services with dedicated industry professionals. Our team is combined of doctors who specialize in family medicine, urology, physical medicine, dermatology, pediatrics, podiatry, and cardiology. At Heart Lake Health Centre, our top priority is the health of you and your family’s. You can rely on our healthcare professionals to ensure an A-grade experience.