Custom Orthotics in Brampton

Custom orthotics in Brampton from Heart Lake Health Centre can be a solution to foot injuries or medical problems that cause you pain or mobility issues. As a foot specialist, a podiatrist can assess the underlying cause of the pain or discomfort and prescribed custom orthotics to address the condition.

Custom foot orthotics are prescribed to alleviate pain, lift an arch, support the gait, and provide comfort in cases of joint deformity.

Common Foot Problems Treated with Orthotics

foot injuries
Flat Feet
Hammer toe
Hammer toe
diabetic foot
Plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis
High Arches
High Arches

3 Types of Orthotics

There are three different types of orthotics commonly used in foot clinics. Foot care that requires support, protection, motion control, or a combination of the three can be used for varying medical issues. 

  • Functional Custom Orthotics: Functional orthotics are rigid with use of plastic or carbon fibre materials. These durable custom orthotics are tailored to the shape of the foot for maximum support of the joints in the feet.
  • Accommodative Custom Orthotics: Those affected with pain from the impact of walking and standing for long periods of time can benefit with the cushioned support of accommodative custom orthotics. The design allows for redistribution of weight across the entire foot as opposed to one specific area.
  • Semi-Rigid Custom Orthotics: Semi-rigid custom orthotics provide support for improved balance while alleviating pressure from standing for long periods. The combination of soft and rigid materials protects the joints of the body from absorbing the shock of movements.

Who Needs Custom Orthotics?

The tailor-made insoles are designed to alleviate pain in the feet and legs as well as help with knee pain, backaches, flat feet, twisted ankles, and broken arches. Foot problems that lead to foot surgery can also be supported with these insoles.

It is recommended that you visit the nearest foot clinic near you if you are suffering with any form of foot problems or when foot care is needed.

What Shoes Are Suitable for Custom Orthotics?

For effective foot treatment in Brampton at Heart Lake Health Centre, you have the choice between orthopedic shoes or orthotic insoles. Orthotic insoles should be worn in shoes and boots with a firm heel and midsole, a wide support base, and a removeable insole liner.

The Process at an Orthotics Clinic

Orthotic treatment is a personalized care plan tailored to the needs of your condition/injury. While there is not a preset guideline for treatment, each case receives a detailed assessment and testing procedures.

At Heart Lake Health Centre’s foot clinic, a gait assessment and physical examination will determine the strength and range of motions the muscles and joints are capable of in conjunction with a biomechanical assessment.

Consult Experienced Professionals at Orhtotics Clinic in Brampton

Visit Heart Lake Health Centre for Custom Orthotics in Brampton

For the best orthotics clinic near you, contact Heart Lake Health Centre to book an appointment with our podiatrist. The podiatry department provides treatment for pain with various modern support options and equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours a day should I wear orthotics?

Your podiatrist will provide tailored instructions on use of the orthotics.

Do I remove the original insoles when using orthotics?

With shoes that offer removable liners, yes. The orthotics can replace the original insole. A lower orthotic profile insole can be used in shoes and boots that do not have a removeable liner.

How long does it take for orthotics to start working?

Custom-made orthotics are designed to help alleviate symptoms within the first few weeks of wear. The timeline is related to the severity of the condition and/or injury.

How much do orthotics cost?

Orthotics pricing depends on the customized products needed by each individual. Some private insurance plans do cover a partial or full portion of the costs associated with professional foot care.

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