What is enrollment?

When you enrol with a physician, you agree to contact that physician when you need primary care medical advice or treatment. You are making promise to do that unless there is an emergency or you are travelling away from home.

Are you open on Weekend?

Yes, we are open to patients from Monday - Sunday except for statutory holdays. If you require urgent medical needs, please go to the nearby hospital or call 911.

Do I need to bring my health card to every appointment?

Yes, you are required to bring your health card to every appointment. Please ensure your health care is not expired or cancelled. Otherwise, you will be asked to pay the OHIP equivalent.

Can I come to the after hours clinic to get my prescription renewed?

Medication renewals are best managed by your own health care provider during regular office hours.

Is your office wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our office is wheelchair accessible. We strive to provide access to programs and services for patients with disabilities in a way that respects their rights to dignity, independence and integration.

Do I have to pay for the services offered?

There is no fee for majority of the services offered as they are covered under OHIP. There will be charges for services that are not covered under ohip such as cosmetic services, sick notes, physiotherapist notes, travel consultation and TB Skin Testing, etc.

Do I need an appointment to access programs and services?

For medical services, you do not require an appointment and can walk-in. We do advise to call ahead to ensure that a walk-in doctor is present.