Foot Doctor and Foot Health Clinic in Brampton

If you need a highly trained foot doctor in Brampton, Heart Lake Health Centre offers a range of podiatry services. Podiatry is the branch of medicine that focuses on the treatment of health conditions relating to the feet, ankles, legs, and general systems connecting one’s mobility.

Our Foot Doctor/Podiatrist in Brampton

As a leading podiatrist in Brampton, Dr. Ajay Rooprai D.P.M., holds professional memberships with the Canadian Medical Association and the Ontario Medical Association.

Treatments Offered at Our Foot Clinic

Heart Lake Health Centre offers podiatry services for foot pain, flat feet, foot lesions, numbness in the feet, foot wounds, and problems that impede walking.

Diabetic Foot Doctor

Diabetic Foot

For diabetics, we encourage regular diabetes foot check-ups at our foot clinic. Complications of diabetes can cause loss of feeling in the feet which can lead to serious conditions such as amputation of toes, feet, or legs.

Foot Warts Treatment Near Me


Plantar warts develop as small growths on the pressure points of the feet such as the heel and the ball of the foot. Continuous pressure can cause these warts to grow inwards under the thick layer of a callus.

Foot Corns Treatment Near me


The hard thickness of skin that develops between the toes and on the sides or bottom of the foot is known as a corn. These can develop with pressure or friction from tight shoes, long periods of standing, walking, or running. Corn removal is a basic procedure offered at our foot clinic.

Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Doctor near me

Nail Fungus

A common issue of the toenails is known as fungal nails or onychomycosis. This infection can appear as a discolouration under the tip of the toenail. Without proper treatment, the infection can deepen, causing the nail to thicken and deteriorate.

Custom Orthotics Clinic Near me


Heart Lake Health Centre’s foot clinic also focuses on orthotics in Brampton. Custom orthotic devices are used to align and support the movement of the feet to improve the function of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.

Foot Problems, Bunions

Other Foot-Related Problems

Our podiatry services also include treatment for Achilles Tendonitis, Athlete's Foot, bunions, blisters, Chondromalacia Patella Syndrome, Hammer Toes, heel pain, Morton's Neuroma, shin splints, and nail/soft tissue surgery.

Consult a Podiatrist at Our Foot Clinic in Brampton

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If you’re looking for a podiatrist near you, look no further than Heart Lake Health Centre, a leading foot clinic in Caledon and Mississauga. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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