Skin Tag Removal in Brampton

Are you concerned about a skin tag? Heart Lake Health Centre offers skin tag removal in Brampton. Our medical team of family doctors can provide a referral to our onsite dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small growths above the skin surface with an attaching stem of tissue. Medical terms for skin tags include acrochordon, papilloma, fibroepithelial polyp, soft fibroma, pedunculated, and filiform. They are commonly seen on the eyelids, neck, and within folds of skin across the body.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin specialists in Brampton see skin tags develop with the natural production of excess skin cells. Friction from folds of skin can create skin tags. They are a common skin condition with obesity and diabetes in both men and women.

When to Visit a Doctor for Skin Tags Removal

A dermatologist at a skin tag removal clinic should be consulted if the skin tag appears atypical or is a nuisance with the friction of jewellery and clothing. If you have a suspicious skin tag, the dermatologist may performed a biopsy to check for cancerous cells.

Various Surgical Procedures for Skin Tags

There are various surgical procedures done by a skin tag removal doctor. The type of treatment depends on the condition and location of the skin tag. Options include cauterization, cryosurgery, electrocautery, ligation, and surgical removal with scissors.

The Skin Tag Removal Process at Heart Lake Health Centre

At Heart Lake Health Centre, our dermatologists in Brampton offer skin tag removal services that include cutting with surgical scissors, freezing with cryosurgery, and burning with use of electrocautery.

Skin Tag Removal in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon

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Skin Tags Removal FAQs

Heart Lake Health Centre offers skin tag removal in Brampton by certified professionals. Known by many names such as acrochordon, papilloma, fibroepithelial polyp, soft fibroma, pedunculated, or filiform, a skin tag presents as a painless and harmless skin growth.

Some people have one or two skin tags develop in their lifetime while others have several that reappear on various parts of the body. As a skin tag removal clinic, Heart Lake Health Centre offers various treatments and procedures to help you love your skin again!

A skin tag is a piece of skin that sits on a tissue stem known as a peduncle. The skin-coloured growth has a smooth surface and can expand up to couple of millimetres in size. The shape resembles a bulb but can be more elongated than others.
With the various appearances of skin tags, the spot may be mistaken for a wart. Skin tags have a narrow piece of tissue attaching it to the skin and have a smooth surface. Warts are a small but thick patch of skin with a rough surface. Aside from the respected treatment, it is important to have the correct diagnosis as warts are contagious as they are caused by a virus whereas skin tags are not contagious.
Skin tags are usually harmless but can cause pain or discomfort if located in a spot where friction from jewellery or clothing can be in constant contact. They can be found on any part of the body but are most commonly found on the neck, back, chest, or eyelids. Skin tags forming on the folds of the skin under the breast, in the groin area, or near the armpits can cause discomfort. Some people with visible skin tags feel self-conscious in public.
As skin tags may often resemble a wart or mole, one of our family doctors in Brampton at the Heart Lake Health Centre can offer a correct diagnosis and refer you to our experienced dermatologist. Upon initial assessment, a physical examination of the skin tag and any other existing spots will be done in conjunction with delving into your family history.
A consultation with one of our knowledgeable dermatologist at Heart Lake Health Centre will be an effective diagnosis. Skin tags present distinctive signs. Any concerning appearance of the skin tag or surrounding tissue will require a biopsy of the skin tag for extensive testing.
The market is filled with at-home DIY remedies for skin tag removal. As with any medical procedure, only having a skin tag removal doctor, like our specialist at Heart Lake Health Centre, will ensure there is proper diagnosis, removal, and recovery. All home treatments have a high risk of scarring, excessive bleeding, and infection of the area. In addition, over-the-counter remedies cannot guarantee the entire skin tag will be removed, promoting regrowth and damage to the surrounding skin tissue.
No, if performed properly, skin tag removal is a painless procedure. There can be some discomfort, especially if the skin tag is large or deeply embedded into the skin’s layer. When choosing treatment at Heart Lake Health Centre, we ensure the patient is comfortable.
Having a skin tag removed by a skin specialist in Caledon can ensure the treatment area will heal as normal. Treatments target the skin tag and its attachments beneath the skin surface, leaving a small scab as the skin tissue begins to heal. There may be minor discolouration and/or a slight spot that will barely be noticeable. Any scarred tissue becomes less noticeable over time.

As skin tags are connected to genetics, aging, and obesity, there is not an answer to this question. There are, however, several steps you can take to reduce the risk of a skin tag developing.

Individuals who are overweight or diabetic can improve their chances of avoiding skin tags by following a healthier lifestyle. Consume less sugar, saturated fat, and exercise daily to help maintain a healthy weight.

As friction of the skin folds on all body types may see a greater chance of skin tags developing, adapting to loose-fitting clothes and keeping the skin dry at all times can help.

Yes and no. If a skin tag is properly removed by a professional dermatologist in Brampton, it will not regrow in the same spot. It should be noted new growth of skin tags in the vicinity or other locations on the body may occur.
Unfortunately, skin tag removal treatments are one of the few procedures not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Personal and business-associated insurance plans may cover a portion or the full cost of skin tag removal within a clinical setting.
In Ontario, the treatment cost(s) for skin tag removal ranges from $75 to $350. The costs associated with skin tag removal are dependent on the severity of the skin tag itself, the number of tags to be removed, and the type of treatment(s) needed. We provide an accurate cost estimate upon the initial consultation.
Heart Lake Health Centre in Brampton offers world-class service and programs for all residents and international travelers. The clinic can provide needed referrals to see our medical specialists. Contact us today or book an appointment.

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