To see specialist you need a referral letter from your family doctor or any walk-in clinic doctor , our walk-in clinic doctors also provide you the referral if you do not have family doctor.


Our dermatology team offer patients a wide range of dermatologic and aesthetic services. We provide expertise in the diagnosis and management of a full spectrum of dermatologic conditions including (but not limited to) Dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, precancerous and cancerous lesions of the skin. Our Dermatologist also provide on site minor surgical procedures to remove skin tag, moles, cyst, wart, actinic keratosis , angiomas and biopsy for skin cancers and other conditions.

Dr. Samir Gupta

Dr. Gupta obtained his bachelor and medical degrees from the University of Toronto. Early in med-school, Dr. Gupta believed he would become a neurosurgeon but a random rotation in dermatology at the University of Toronto forever changed that. The fire was lit and the passion was born. After completing a general medicine residency at McGill University, he was accepted into the dermatology program at the University of Chicago. He subsequently completed a fellowship in Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at Harvard medical school. As a fellow at Harvard, Dr. Gupta studied under the renowned laser dermatologist, Dr. R. Rox Anderson. Dr. Anderson is the inventor of nearly every modern-day skin laser application. During his time at Harvard, Dr. Gupta won the Photomedicine Society and Women’s Dermatological Society awards. He also completed further fellowships in Washington DC and San Diego, training under luminaries in the laser field.
Education & Training
MD, FRCPC is a Harvard-trained, Board-Certified Dermatologist accredited in Canada and the United States. Dr. Gupta has over 15 years of extensive practical medical, surgical, laser and cosmetic Dermatological experience. He is known for his laser treatments and removal surgeries for moles, warts, skin tags. He has more than 5000 successful cases to his credit. University of Toronto – Doctor of Medicine He subsequently completed a fellowship in Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at Harvard medical school.
Profession Memberships
Canadian Medical Association
Ontario Medical Association


The Urology Clinic specializes in medical issues related to the kidneys, the bladder, and the genitalia. The team offers a full range of medical services spanning the spectrum of acquired and congenital urogenital conditions. Our experienced urologist, Dr. Eric Hirshberg, will examine and provide

Dr. Eric Hirshberg

As a dedicated urologist, Dr. Eric Hirshberg diagnoses the different diseases and disorders that are related to the genitourinary organs as well as its connected tissues. He examines patients with ailments, such as prostate cancer, bladder infections, and urethral stones. Dr. Hirshberg also administers procedures to treat any dysfunction of the urinary tract.
Education & Training
MD-University of Toronto Urology Residency-University of Toronto Fellowship subspecialty in Incontinence and female urology-University of Toronto
 Clinical areas of interest:
General adult urology with an interest in oncology, kidney stones, voiding dysfunction (both sexes) and prostate issues
 Age Criteria Served:
Adults urology and pediatric circumcision for >3 years of age.
 Clinical areas that I do not treat: 
Kidney cancer and pediatric urology.
Profession Memberships
Canadian Medical Association
Ontario Medical Association

Physical Medicine

Utilizing physical means to help in diagnosis, healing, and rehabilitation. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chronic illness (e.g., stroke) or injury (e.g., spinal cord, brain), acute and chronic pain management, and musculoskeletal injuries (e.g., sports/work-related) as well

Dr. Lawrence Chizen

Education & Training
University Of Toronto, 01 Jul 1991 to 30 Jun 1992 Resident 3 – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University Of Toronto, 01 Jul 1992 to 30 Jun 1993 Resident 4 – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
University Of Toronto, 01 Jul 1993 to 30 Jun 1994 CF – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Profession Memberships
Canadian Medical Association
Ontario Medical Association
Dr. Chizen performs on site Nerve conduction study to diagnose and treat chronic pain conditions

Chiropody / FOOT CLINIC

We are committed to the treatment and prevention of medical foot problems. Our goal is to improve the quality of your life by eliminating pain, providing ongoing support for chronic conditions, and helping you stay mobile. We are greatly experienced with the most up-to-date treatment modalities. Our Chiropody department has expertise in gait analysis, chronic nail and skin conditions, high risk feet, and custom orthotics. We work hard to provide you with the services and products that you need.

We encourage you to get professional medical advice not only when you have foot pain, but also when you’re dealing with the

– Flat feet
– A painful or non-painful lesion
– Numbness – feet feel like blocks of wood
– Wounds that don’t heal
– Walking Problems
– If your feet bother you for any reason
– For diabetics, peripheral vascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis, we recommend a once a year check up.

Dr. Ajay Rooprai

Education & Training
B.Sc., Medical Science with honours
Chiropody Program – Michener Institute of Health and Science


At the Pediatric clinic, our health care professionals offer walk-in pediatric clinic care. Rather than scheduling an appointment for your child weeks or months in advance, you can walk right in for fast and attentive pediatric care services. Our goal is to help you and your family avoid the stressful parts of keeping your child healthy, all through our top-notch pediatric medical services offered on a walk-in basis.

Dr. Kawai - Not Available Due to Covid

Dr. Susan Kawai is an experienced Pediatrician, she takes care of walk-in patients of acute or
mild illnesses. Dr. Kawai is not a primary care pediatrician which means you dont need a
referral from your family doctor to see her. 

Education & Training
University of Toronto – Doctor of Medicine
Profession Memberships
Canadian Medical Association
Ontario Medical Association

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